Paperless practise


Dental Euroclinic is proud to be a pioneer by converting into a paperless practice. All information, diagnostic, management, and communication tools are fully integrated into one computerized system. Instead of using paper treatment notes and plans, that information is entered directly into the computer. And since the introduction of imaging, scanning, 3D Electronic Models, computer guided surgeries and digital x-ray systems, all the visual records, including models, can be maintained in the computer. The integration of all these tools and data into one system makes all the patient records instantly available at any workstation, no matter where it is located. At the same time it provides our doctors with the ability ro remotely access the electronic patients charts when they are not physically in the practise.

To achieve maximum efficiency, the entire office floor plans have been designed based on flowless paperless operation. The operatory cabinets and delivery units were custom ordered to house the chairside and other computer workstations used in the Paperless Practice.

Paperless Goodbye

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