Implant Guided Surgery

The Implant Center of Dental Euroclinic, being a pioneer in the dental implant field, is equipped with on-site CAT scanning evaluation and computer guided surgical technology. Dr. Andreas Eliades has undergone extensive training during his 3-year specialty at the University of Michigan and has performed numerous complex implant Guided Surgeries. Dr. Eliades will provide for your prosthetically-driven treatment planning, dental implant installment and rehabilitation procedures, employing the latest techniques in minimally invasive implant placement.

There are multiple advantages in utilising our implant planning software (NobelClinician): 

  • Increased quality and efficiency. we are able to use CT data to plan your case with greater precision and provide the surgery in a shorter time. To you this means that your results are more predictable, you experience less discomfort, the surgery can be done in less invasive ways, and generally you will have a shorter recovery time. 
  • Safe and predictable treatment. We are able to closely examine the anatomy of the patient’s jaw in one millimeter increments. No digital x-ray can provide this type of comprehensive information for precise preoperative planning. A clear understanding of the case-specific anatomical and prosthetic characteristics is gained through thorough diagnostics, and as a result the surgical intervention can be well prepared and documented. Initial planning ensures the success of the future prosthetic reconstruction.
  • Prosthetic-driven implant planning. An optimal esthetic outcome begins with planning which includes the restorative requirements. The ability to do “virtual” treatment, while considering both clinical and esthetical factors, produces accurate and more predictable result.
  • Less invasive and traumatic procedures. NobelGuide delivers precise, guided dental implant insertion as the surgical guide is made from your CT data. Thus, we can place dental implants into areas that may prevent you from needing additional bone graft surgery.
  • Enables pre-fabricated provisionals and immediate loading. NobelGuide gives a full range of loading approaches: immediate loading, early loading, or delayed loading. It even allows the dental technician to pre-fabricate provisionals prior to surgery.
  • Increased patient confidence and comfort. In many cases, patients have questions regarding a surgical procedure. Using the NobelClincian Software, clinicians can demonstrate pre-surgery considerations, so patients are better informed and more confident.

Guided Workflow: CT scan exposure, digital placement of implants in virtually 3D software and virtual surgery information transfer to the actual surgery using stereolithographic custom made radiographic and surgical guides

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